When you first connect SalesRoller, an initial sync is automatically performed to sync across data between SugarCRM and Xero.

There are four schedulers that are responsible for syncing SugarCRM with Xero. They are automatically created inside of SugarCRM when the Xero connection is established.

While we suggest leaving the schedulers to their default configuration, you can edit the schedulers through Sugar’s Scheduler module. Refer to Sugar’s Editing Schedulers documentation for more information.

Initial Sync

The following data is synced between SugarCRM and Xero.

  • _syncOrganization (match - accounts)

  • _syncChartsOfAccounts (one way to Sugarcrm)

  • _syncTaxRate (One way to SugarCRM)

  • _syncCustomers if (not off) (sync and create contact)

  • _syncProductTemplates (sync and set master in config)

  • _syncInvoices if (not off)


To view the schedulers in SugarCRM, go to Admin > Scheduler Health Check.

Xero Notification Scheduler

This scheduler checks if the Xero Connection is not connected every 30 minutes and sends a Sugar notification to the user.

Xero Refresh Access Token

This scheduler refreshes the Xero Access token to securely maintain the Connection between Xero and SugarCRM. The Xero Access Token expires every 30 minutes. To ensure the token remains valid, this scheduler runs at an interval less than 30 minutes.

Sync Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

This scheduler updates the currency exchange rates in SugarCRM using. The currency type is based on the default system currency in SugarCRM. By default, the scheduler runs everyday at 12am.

Xero Synchronization Scheduler

This scheduler syncs only data created in Xero or updated in SugarCRM after the Last Sync Date (Last Datetime when SugarCRM synced to Xero) on each record. This scheduler runs on the hour e.g. 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 22:00 etc.

  1. It syncs the Chart of Accounts from Xero to SugarCRM created/updated after the Last Sync Date.

  2. It syncs Customers (updated or created new in Xero or SugarCRM).

  3. It syncs Product Templates created/updated after the Last Sync Date.

  4. It syncs invoices created/updated after the Last Sync Date.