To add a product line item to an invoice, you must:

  • Push the product into Xero - This will ensure the invoice record and its product items successfully sync into Xero.

  • Or create a product in Xero that syncs into SugarCRM.

This article will also explore how to link Purchase and Sales accounts from Xero to the Product record.

Push a Xero Product into SugarCRM

Xero Products are automatically synced into SugarCRM as product records. Refer to the Xero Synchronization Scheduler on sync cycle intervals.

Push a SugarCRM Product into Xero

On the Product Catalog list view, select a Product record > Click Xero > Add to Xero.

When the next sync cycle executes, SalesRoller will push the Product into Xero. Refer to the Xero Synchronization Scheduler on sync cycle intervals.

Product Xero Fields

Field Name


Product Name

Product’s record name.

Item Code

Unique Product identifier

Add to Xero

Indicates if the Product is in sync with Xero.

Last Synced with Xero

Most recent successful Product sync with Xero.

Purchase Description

Description of the Purchase Account.

Purchase Account

Related Purchase Account in Xero.

Purchase Price

The Product’s Cost price.

Purchase Tax Rate

Selecting a Purchase Account automatically updates the Purchase Tax Rate field.

Sales Description

Description of the Sales Account

Sales Account

Related Sales Account in Xero.

Sell price

The Product’s List price.

Sales Tax Rate

Selecting a Sales Account automatically updates the Sales Tax Rate field.

Xero Id

Product Id in Xero.


Describes where the product was created.

What’s Next?

You’re almost ready to create invoices in SugarCRM. If you’d like learn about the SalesRoller view in the Account module, refer to Account Xero Tab. Otherwise, feel free to go straight to Create & Edit Invoices to find out how you can start creating and editing invoices in SugarCRM.