New Features

[XEROSUGAR-193] - Xero Contact Importer added to admin options
[XEROSUGAR-351] - Remove Website syncing from CRM to Xero
[XEROSUGAR-352] - do not remove products from CRM when Xero Link is uninstalled
[XEROSUGAR-354] - When Xero-SugarCRM-Link is uninstalled, contacts created on initial sync from Xero are removed.
[XEROSUGAR-358] - Life Time Value should not calculate if invoice is Draft or Void
[XEROSUGAR-359] - Outstanding Amount (inc-tax) should not calculate if invoice is Draft or Void
[XEROSUGAR-360] - Invoice description on opportunity Invoice should merge from the QLI Name
[XEROSUGAR-362] - Convert dollar amount discount to percent
[XEROSUGAR-365] - When selecting Chart of Accounts populate Tax Rate
[XEROSUGAR-369] - When an invoice status changes to Void remove from CRM
[XEROSUGAR-371] - Add Xero fields to Search & List View
[XEROSUGAR-374] - Remove Life Time Value (ex-tax) and Days Since Last Transaction from Account List view
[XEROSUGAR-375] - Hitting API Limit
[XEROSUGAR-376] - XSL Scheduler is always running.
[XEROSUGAR-377] - Turn off Currency sync
[XEROSUGAR-378] - Disable Account/Contact sync
[XEROSUGAR-379] - Contacts with no Modify dates
[XEROSUGAR-381] - Invoice should remain with opportunity after reinstall
[XEROSUGAR-393] - Create Invoice button moved to the left side of cancel on the opportunity edit layout
[XEROSUGAR-395] - Send emails from invoice record view
[XEROSUGAR-400] - Sync Tax Rates on initial sync and hourly sync
[XEROSUGAR-403] - Expose the invoices module to the email template
[XEROSUGAR-404] - Keep email relationship with invoices after uninstall of plugin
[XEROSUGAR-405] - Sync Chart of Accounts on initial sync and hourly sync
[XEROSUGAR-411] - sync invoices when xero contact importer creates a contact in CRM
[XEROSUGAR-412] - API Issues related to some changes to Ondemand environment
[XEROSUGAR-396] - Remove Invoice line items and purchase order line items sub-panels

Bug Fixes

[XEROSUGAR-350] - Incorrect or blank name displaying incorrectly in "Xero Contact Name" field.
[XEROSUGAR-353] - When product is created through API Taxable Class is blank.
[XEROSUGAR-355] - Unit price limited to 3 characters on account and opportunity invoice creation draw
[XEROSUGAR-356] - When creating invoice from opportunity discount is not correct
[XEROSUGAR-357] - Invoices are showing up in conflict resolution
[XEROSUGAR-367] - Invoice not updating after change in Xero
[XEROSUGAR-370] - Adding "Life Time Value (ex-tax)" field to filters is not working as expected
[XEROSUGAR-380] - Invoice record view blank
[XEROSUGAR-382] - Update Xero Primary Contact button not updating contact in Xero
[XEROSUGAR-383] - Update Xero button error when using
[XEROSUGAR-385] - Create a patch for "No Tax" Totals
[XEROSUGAR-386] - Create patch for "Multi Currency" support
[XEROSUGAR-399] - Removing line items on invoice on opportunity not working as expected
[XEROSUGAR-402] - Unable to remove line items from invoice draw if added from the invoice draw