New Features

[XEROSUGAR-297] - Sync "Invoices Due Date" from Xero to SugarCRM
[XEROSUGAR-298] - When creating invoices from Account or Opportunity in SugarCRM due date respects the "Sales Term" Field on Xero tab
[XEROSUGAR-317] - Sync invoices with linked SugarCRM account that don't have a primary contact
[XEROSUGAR-318] - Change layout "Link to Xero"
[XEROSUGAR-320] - Adjust the column width on the invoice edit screen for Opportunities and Accounts
[XEROSUGAR-321] - Add ability to make description field larger for editing
[XEROSUGAR-322] - On Invoice creation record hide preview by default
[XEROSUGAR-323] - LTV and Outstanding amount not calculating with newly linked SugarCRM account
[XEROSUGAR-325] - "Add to Xero" does not require a primary contact to create an account in Xero
[XEROSUGAR-327] - Remove logic that adds 14 days to Due Date
[XEROSUGAR-338] - Remove contacts from invoice layout

Bug Fixes

[XEROSUGAR-293] - Team is changed to global when Xero Link syncs
[XEROSUGAR-294] - Initial sync failed for invoice sync
[XEROSUGAR-295] - Link SugarCRM account to Xero contact timed out
[XEROSUGAR-296] - Initial sync account linking
[XEROSUGAR-302] - Upgrade to PHP 7.1 causes 500 error when you edit or create a contact
[XEROSUGAR-303] - Execution run time causing invoice sync to timeout
[XEROSUGAR-304] - Standard workflows stopped working after XSL installed
[XEROSUGAR-305] - Install stuck at 52% when installing on Evolution Production.
[XEROSUGAR-306] - Purchase Orders failed on initial sync when installing on Evolution Production
[XEROSUGAR-307] - Not all accounts have been linked on initial sync
[XEROSUGAR-308] - Not all invoiced have sync'd
[XEROSUGAR-309] - Life Time Value and Outstanding Amount is not calulating
[XEROSUGAR-310] - Not receiving the complete email when Initial sync is complete
[XEROSUGAR-312] - Unable to view Invoice record view
[XEROSUGAR-313] - Accounts link that did not have exact match
[XEROSUGAR-314] - After manual link Life Time Value and Outstanding Amount is not calulating
[XEROSUGAR-315] - Manual linking does not retain the Xero contact name.
[XEROSUGAR-319] - Description missing when creating invoice from opportunity
[XEROSUGAR-326] - Life Time Value & Outstanding Amount blank when you create a Xero contact from SugarCRM
[XEROSUGAR-330] - Products have not sync'd from Xero to SugarCRM
[XEROSUGAR-331] - Issues with uninstall of plugin
[XEROSUGAR-332] - Unable to create invoices from opportunities if the description contains special characters
[XEROSUGAR-333] - decimals places (2 decimal places)
[XEROSUGAR-334] - Create contact in Xero from CRM is not linking account together
[XEROSUGAR-335] - Error when creating invoice from opportunity "Invoice not created Tax amount cannot be greater than the line amount"
[XEROSUGAR-344] - Xero Last Sync Date required when importing Accounts/Contacts
[XEROSUGAR-345] - Unable to import products with XSL installed "Purchase Price" required
[XEROSUGAR-346] - products missing from invoices module