New Features

[XEROSUGAR-249] - Sync products to Xero (Special Characters)
[XEROSUGAR-262] - Xero Link - Product Sync Issue
[XEROSUGAR-266] - Xero Products Tab
[XEROSUGAR-267] - Xero Copy Default fields
[XEROSUGAR-268] - Xero Tab layout
[XEROSUGAR-273] - Add to Xero button for adding to Xero
[XEROSUGAR-274] - Improved Sync Status
[XEROSUGAR-275] - Better from data
[XEROSUGAR-276] - Enhance last sync date
[XEROSUGAR-278] - Product Global Sync Control
[XEROSUGAR-279] - Investigate alternatives to XML for product Sync
[XEROSUGAR-289] - Account Linking with existing XERO contact
[XEROSUGAR-269] - Make Product fields non-editable
[XEROSUGAR-282] - Add QLI updater to package (LATEST VERSION ONLY)

Bug Fixes

[XEROSUGAR-283] - After reinstall of Plugin source missing and add to xero button visible.
[XEROSUGAR-287] - "Add to Xero" Button is not always reflecting correct values
[XEROSUGAR-288] - Error when using "Update Xero" Button not pushing details from CRM to Xero
[XEROSUGAR-290] - Life Time Value & Outstanding Amount not showing value on Xero Tab in CRM
[XEROSUGAR-291] - Product sync failed when using special characters