This article will explore how to create Invoice email templates and send Invoices using Invoice email templates from inside of SugarCRM.

Invoice Email Templates

Click the dropdown disclosure triangle on the Emails module and select Create Email Template. Fill in the required fields.

To add an Invoice to the email template, open up the Insert Variable dropdown field > select Invoice > select Get Invoice link from the adjacent dropdown field > click the Insert Button. This variable represents a URL link to the related invoice in Xero. Feel free to add any of the other invoice fields from the dropdown list. Click Save to create the email template.

Your email template may look something like this, where the invoice URL is embedded in the “View Invoice” text:

Send Invoices using Email Templates

Go to an invoice record and click the + button in the Emails subpanel. Click the Template button, select the Invoice template and click Create. Once you finalise the email, click Send.

🚀 Invoices to the moon!

What’s Next?

From Getting Started to Sending Invoices, you’ve now covered the basic knowledge needed to leverage the capabilities of SalesRoller. Feel free to explore the administrative articles or FAQ’s to get a better understanding of how SalesRoller functions and the configurable aspects of the plugin.